How To Relieve Wrist Pain? Check Out This Powerful Carpal Tunnel Therapy

Many people suffer from the symptoms of carpal tunnel on a daily basis. It can be even worse during the night. The symptoms include numbness, weakness and pain. It might manifest sometimes as a coldness or stiffness in the finger joints.

Although many people are familiar with the wrist pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, not everyone understands exactly how the condition occurs.

Typically, carpal tunnel symptoms manifest after the wrist has become injured through repetitive strain.

The median nerve, which is responsible for transmitting feeling to the wrist and hands becomes compressed.

…This creates the various degrees of pain, discomfort and weakness experienced by carpal tunnel patients.

Simple carpal tunnel therapy that many individuals find effective includes massage, ice therapy, joint support gloves and anti-inflammatory medications.

Wrist Massage

Many individuals who suffer from the aforementioned symptoms find relief through gentle massage techniques which concentrate on the base of the hand where the most flesh is found.

Hand Massage - Carpal Tunnel Therapy

One should have the massage performed by someone else rather than attempt to do it alone, as it is a job for two hands.

Many times, significant relief can be found when the massage is performed consistently two to three times each week.

Ice Therapy

Another treatment that some carpal tunnel syndrome patients find very beneficial is ice therapy…

…The application of an ice pack to the inside of the painful wrist for approximately ten minutes can effectively relief the majority of symptoms for up to two hours.

Ice calms inflammation and reduces swelling, which relieves the compression surrounding the nerve.

If you’d like to learn more about all natural treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome, check out my review of the guide Carpal Tunnel Master here.

Joint Support Gloves

Gentle-compression gloves are highly beneficial to those suffering from the wrist pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Such gloves capture the body heat of the wearer which effectively helps to relieve muscle and joint pain.

There are a wide variety of joint support gloves available and it is not difficult for a person to find a style that fits his or her budget.


Simple carpal tunnel therapy also includes certain non-habit forming medications such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen.

Many times, patients find substantial relief from their symptoms by opting for a combination of anti-inflammatory medications and one or more of the treatments listed above.

However, it is wise to consult a physician before beginning any new medication or treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

I would also recommend you give all natural carpal tunnel therapy a try before you progress on to medication and surgery. They work for a good number of suffers of carpal tunnel.

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